Diet Plan for Weight Loss

weight loss diet plan
It happens that in the morning, we realize that we urgently need to change something. We see that to get into our favorite jeans – “mission impossible”! This is very sad and we begin to starve all day long. In the evening we fill our stomachs to bursting. It’s unhealthy eating behavior!
This provokes diseases of the digestive system and even more weight.
We are well aware that a proper and healthy diet is very helpful but it is always so difficult – to start!
How do we behave when we found that we urgently need to do something to get rid of these terrible pounds?
We offer you an example of a diet in order to adjust your body to the right wave. It is always psychologically comforting, if you know exactly what you need to eat in the morning. This meal diet plan will allow you to buy the right products for a week, and follow a schedule of eating.

7.30 am – Breakfast
Salad, fruits, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, ham, bread – 250 g
450 g, with coffee or tea without sugar.

10.00 am – Lunch
Fruits – 200 g

12.30 pm – The first dinner
Soup and bread – 250/30 g

3 pm – The second dinner
Meat/fish/chicken (choose one) and salad – 250 g

5.30 pm – Afternoon
Yogurt, fruits, cookies, milk / yogurt. – 200-300g

8 pm – Supper
Vegetables, cheese, fish, chicken – 250 g

10 pm
If you go to bed very late, you can drink a glass of milk, tea or yogurt (0% fat).


Eat meals every 2.5 – 3 hours.
The amount of food is very important!
If you missed ingestion, take it as soon as possible.
Fruits and other carbohydrates you can have strictly to 6.00 pm
All that have calories (milk, yogurt, fruits) – it’s food!
Between meals, drink water at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

After following this dietary plan, it should be no more than two weeks, you are advised to follow a healthy diet.
Vegetables as much as possible, the right carbohydrates, proteins, help to keep the weight at the right level.
Of course, right exercises are a great assistant for a weight loss. Try to follow the program, which will not be too difficult for you to begin with.

[su_quote] Cycling is an excellent help in losing weight![/su_quote]

[su_quote]Good accomplices are weight loss pills.