Slimming world Diet

Slimming world Diet

Slimming world Diet

The slimming world diet program, ‘Food Optimizing’ is a “flexible, and yet empowering, permissive approach towards healthy and balanced eating”. It doesn’t really involve weighing, measuring and including calories counting. The concept of food optimizing is supposedly based on the scientific principles of satiety and energy density, and motivates people to eat low energy dense foods to satisfy the appetite.

In slimming world diet, foods are divided into several categories, such as meats, beans and dairy products. This will serve as a guide with regard to food selection. Remember that no single type or group of foods can give you all the nutritional value required by your body. The only way to ensure that you are getting the necessary nutritional value and other health promoting substances is by consuming a variety of foods.

The Slimming World Diet plans operate on similar basic principles of a healthier way of life and fat loss lifestyle, they often differ in food choice. Differences in these weight-loss diet plans are often dictated by food availability, cultural dietary habits as well as dietary preferences.

With Food Optimizing you can have unlimited options of many ‘Free Products For example lean meats, seafood, and poultry, pasta, rice and grain, vegetables and fruits, which you can eat freely. To make sure your daily diet is balanced, daily portions of healthy and snacks are exceptional, like bread, cereals, and low-fat dairy products such as cottage cheese and skimmed milk.

Food Optimizing has a range of dieting plans, which you can apply to your daily dieting routines. Take a look at the following:

Original plan: vegetables and fruits and, seafood, lean meats, poultry, and eggs. Healthy snacks include bread, cereals, and low-fat dairy products, carbohydrates like wholemeal pasta, potatoes, grains and beans.

Green plan: vegetables and fruits, pasta, rice, potatoes, grains, and eggs. Healthy snacks include bread, cereals, cheese, milk and protein such as lean meat, poultry, and seafood.

One way to promote weight-loss is by restricting the calorie consumption by eating healthy foods and following an active lifestyle with moderate exercise. The Slimming World program promotes this.

These are the steps on the Slimming World Food Optimization Diet Plan:

  • Monday: Start on Monday which will be the first day. You will choose for breakfast a tangerine and a healthy drink. Try not to have coffee. Lunchtime will involve a lean turkey roll or sandwich. For supper, you can have chicken breast with broccoli, and one fruit for dessert. Chicken should always be skinless.
  • Tuesday: For breakfast, you will have a bran muffin and fruit juice. Chicken for lunch, this time, and stir-fried vegetables for dinner.
  • Wednesday: Breakfast will consist of bran cereal. Have a salad for lunch, and dinner will involve meatballs, but in moderation.
  • Thursday: Have oatmeal for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, and a bowl of healthy soup for dinner.
  • Friday: A slice of toast and a glass of milk will be breakfast today. Lunch will contain a Tuna sandwich. Have a vegetable burger for dinner.
  • Saturday: Breakfast will be a splurge with a serving of egg Benedict and a muffin. Bean soup will be lunch, and dinner will contain a healthy vegetable salad.
  • Sunday: Enjoy a glass of milk and a bagel. Lunch will be a delicious mixed green healthy salad, and dinner, a bowl of fish soup.

This is just a sample of what a week in the plan will look like. There are many options and ideas in the Slimming World Diet Plan.

The Slimming World diet program also motivates regular exercise through its ‘Body Magic’ program. The purpose of this program is to introduce exercising at a gentle pace, like getting off the bus a stop early a few times a week or walking up two flights of stairs instead of riding the lift, then on finding forms of exercising which you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.