What do women over 50 need to lose weight?

What do women over 50 need to lose weight_

Did you know that when your body’s metabolic rate lowers your weight adds too? Naturally, as we get old, the actively dividing cells in our bodies reduce with age. Changes in the female sex hormones (Estrogen) level changes too. As a result, our body metabolism rate lowers. As we grow old and our body’s metabolic rate goes down, calories burnt in our body cells reduces too. The effect is, increased body weight since the excess calories are converted into fats and ends up being stored under the skin. Most women tend to hate their bodies after 50 due to excess weight that makes them lose body shape, while others consider it a nuisance. If you are a woman above 50 years with challenges on weight, then you are not lost at all because the journey towards your body rebuilding has just begun. The following practices will boost your metabolic rate and change your life for good.

First and foremost is to Embrace weight training

If you find it hard to make it to the gym at all, here is a little incitement: You have you have 20% less muscle mass than you had when you were at your 20s when you hit 50. Muscle loss lowers metabolic rate due to loss of cells too. The good news is that you can turn all this around while training on a well-structured weight-training routine. That will help you regain your muscle mass and improve your ability to lose weight just like you did in your 20s.
Choose activities that are easy on your joints.

Muscle and joint pains can turn you off from exercise completely. It is good to choose training methods that will go easy on your muscles and joints, this will help to boost your motion, and you can now begin doing a bit more exercises to make you more and more active. A good example is walking, yoga, cycling, and dancing among others.

Consult a qualified physical therapist

A certified personal trainer will be of great help, particularly if you have an aching back, joints or other body parts that might discourage you to keep off training on a regular basis. After 50 years, many people have sustained body injuries that might make you not know which kind of body practices that fit your body. This makes it tough to exercise and seeing a physical therapist for advice might help you to rehabilitate an old injury or ease muscle pain setting you free from pain for workouts.

What do women over 50 need to lose weight?

Watch your diet

When your metabolic rate slows down, it would mean that you’re burning about 250 fewer calories every day. When you eat like you are in your 30s while not exercising, you will gain a lot of weight; you have to take in a few calories to lose weight as you get older. Avoid pumping in junk foods in your body. You should instead crowd your body with fruits, vegetables and plain proteins that will help cut your calorie without pain.
When we get older, the kind of foodstuff we take into our body matters a lot since we cannot go without eating. Always consult an expert physician on foods for hormone support, foods for bone health and lastly foods that are rich in antioxidants for aging.